With Mr Mehmet from Turkey at my office.

He is the Director of International Business for Aynes Food & Industry Inc. from Turkey. His father also hold the majority of Aynes's shares.

Aynes is one of the biggest Food and Beverages (F&B) Manufacturer in Turkey. Their sales all around the world worth more than 1 Billion USD anually! Aynes's factory in Turkey is so huge with Europe standard of quality management.

They export their products to Europe and Middle East Countries and now they decided to try for the first time ASEAN Market from Malaysia.

His visits to Malaysia focusing on the supply mission for 'Milk Powder' to several F&B Companies in Malaysia. Milk Powder is the main ingredient for dairies product, cheese, butter, biscuit, bread and many more to write here.

I managed to match his company with Malaysian Companies such as Polar Ice Cream Sdn Bhd, Able Food Sdn for Bhd , Etika Dairies and several F&B Entrepreneurs for trading and supplying of Milk Powder.

Alhamdulillah, this is one kind of my contribution to Malaysia and ASEAN to bring more businesses and investors for development of our country and region.


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